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SecureRpc is a bare-metal, fully conformant JSON-RPC/gRPC Infrastructure plane that aims to perform well and meet the following requirements:

All of this while using as little of your validators’ resources as possible, and without hosting on any cloud provider infrastructure like AWS or Google Cloud.

⚡︎ Features

SecureRpc enables automated optimizations for Ethereum transactions via our JSON-RPC Service.

✓ Frontrunning Protection
✓ Guaranteed increase in transaction inclusion timing without additional cost
✓ Trade Privacy Protection
✓ Flashbots compatible RPC Methods
✓ Flashbots reputation support
✓ Eden Network transaction support
✓ Custom RPC Methods support
✓ Guaranteed reduced transaction uncle rate
✓ Block Construction as a Service for Ethereum Validators

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Relay Mainnet status

> email: janitor@securerpc.com with any questions.

> telegram: manifoldfinance.

- form: general inquiry

key value
Relay Pubkey
Bellatrix fork version 0x02000000
Genesis fork version 0x00000000
Genesis validators root 0x4b363db94e286120d76eb905340fdd4e54bfe9f06bf33ff6cf5ad27f511bfe95
Builder signing domain 0x00000001f5a5fd42d16a20302798ef6ed309979b43003d2320d9f0e8ea9831a9
Beacon proposer signing domain 0x000000004a26c58b08add8089b75caa540848881a8d4f0af0be83417a85c0f45